Pispala Sauna Association Address: Pispalan valtatie 9 FI-33250 Tampere FINLAND

Membership of Pispala Sauna Association

All friends of the Rajaportti sauna, who accepts the purpose and the rules of the association, are welcome to join the Pispala Sauna Association. To apply for membership in the Pispala Sauna Association, please contact saunayhdistys [ät] or ask the membership application at the sauna entrance when visiting the sauna. Members are accepted by the Board of Pispala Sauna Association based on the applications.

Membership fees

The membership fee in 2021 makes 15 € / year. A never-ending membership fee costs you 150 € and is worthwile if you intend to stay a member for at least 10 years.

Business and public sector members

Companies and corporate bodies can join to the Pispala Sauna Association, too. The annual membership fee for companies is 50 € and the never-ending fee 500 €.

The never-ending membership includes:

  • One pre- or post-sauna on regular sauna days
  • Membership bulletins (as normally)
  • The name on the Sponsors’ list (in the sauna itself and on Web site)
  • A note for bookkeeping

You can support the Rajaportti sauna also, for example, by donating materials for repair work and such, by participating in the Rajaportin sauna voluntary work etc.

  • Contact Information:
  • Pispala Sauna Association
  • Pispalanvaltatie 9
  • FI-33250 Tampere
  • Tel. +358-50-310 2611
  • Email:saunayhdistys [ät]
  • Bank account: Sampo FI18 8000 1470 8950 54

In case your address or Email address has changed, tell it to Veikko Niskavaara tiedotus [ät], responsible for the member register.